Weekend's At the Cedartown Hangar

If you missed this weekend at the Cedartown Hangar, you missed this fine group of gyronauts lunching at Home Town Pizza in Rockmart.  You also missed notable visits from Ron Iaconis, John Morgan and some others not in the picture who either left before lunch or arrived afterward.  Bob even showed up with his Zodiac and a guest.

2016 Wrens Fall Fly-In

Wrens Georgia Fly-In 2015


Friday, September 16, 2016 - 1:45pm to Sunday, September 18, 2016 - 12:00pm

WRENS is a Fly-in event held at the airport in Wrens, GA (65J) in the fall of each year. It was originally known as Rotors-Over-Carolina (ROC) when it was held in the South Carolina, but moved to Georgia in 1998. As an EAA event, it draws some fixed-wing aircraft, but it has always been primarily a rotorcraft and gyroplane gathering. Wrens typically attracts gyroplane enthusiasts from the Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Carolina rotorcraft clubs.

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Wrens Fly-In 2015 -- Wow!

Wrens Fly-In 2015

Yep, Wow!  This year's fly-in at Wrens, Georgia was the best in years. Fun and safety joined hands with a load of gyroplanes and participants from across the Southeast and even a machine flown in from Connecticut.  I counted at least 6 machines that flew in over 100 miles. Of those 6, at least half flew many times that number of miles.

St Patrick's Day Fly-in Dublin, GA (KDBN)

St. Patrick's Day Hat

Mark your calendars! EAA Chapter 1195 is sponsoring the 1st Annual St Patrick’s Day FlyIn March 20-22, 2015 at Bud Barron Airport KDBN in Dublin, GA. ( I have been asked by the chapter and by the airport manager to give a special invite my gyro friends as they would really like to know more about gyros. This is the first year for this flyin and the club and airport manager are eager to make this a unique event.

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