Gyroplane Flight Instruction

Autogyro Flight Instruction

Gyroplane Flight Instructors are few and far between.  Fortunately, there are some excellent instructors in the Southeastern US.  This is a list of Gyroplane Flight Instructors in and near Georgia:




Steve McGowan -- Macon Downtown Airport (KMAC), Macon, Georgia

Steve McGowan instructs in both open and enclosed gyroplanes. He uses a modified Parsons 2-place and a SparrowHawk gyroplane.

Contact Steve McGowan by phone at (478) 461-1451 or by email at


Mike Smith -- Macon Regional Airport (KMCN), Macon, Georgia

Mike Smith instructs in the MTO Sport gyroplane and Class D airspace.

Contact Michael Smith by phone at (919) 601-8481 or by email at michael.smith1128@gmail


Chris Lord -- Sebring Airport (KSEF), Sebring, Florida

Chris Lord provides both CFI and DPE services in a variety of aircraft. For more information, visit

Contact Chris Lord by phone at (815) 402-3076 or by email at


Cloud 9 Helicopters -- West Palm Beach Airport (KPBI) West Palm Beach, Florida

Cloud 9 Helicopters is an AutoGyro dealership. They instruct in AutoGyro brand gyroplanes at their home airport or on location as traveling instructors. Instruction in other gyroplane brands may be available upon request.
Presently, their CFI list includes:

  • Geoff Painter
  • Denzil Velarde
  • Billy Sewell
  • Rich Ham
  • Tanya Vitacolonna

Contact Cloud 9 Helicopters by phone at (561) 799-3636 or by email at Website:   -->Facebook: C9heli   -->Instagram: cloud9helicopters


Gary Neal -- Spartanburg (KSPA) Spartanburg, SC

Gary Neal offers gyroplane instruction in an RAF2000 gyroplane and a Parsons two-place gyroplane.

Contact Gary Neal by phone at (864) 583-4319 or by email at


Greg Spicola -- Zephyrhills Airport (KZPH), Zephyrhills, Florida

Greg Spicola provides instruction in a Dominator 2-place gyroplane, an Apollo gyroplane or your aircraft. He is also available to travel for reasonable compensation.

Contact Greg Spicola by phone at (813) 505-0881 or by email at


Desmond Butts/Texas Auto Gyro -- Travelling Gyroplane Instructor

Desmond Butts is a travelling gyroplane instructor based in South Texas. He schedules instruction onsite at your local airport and is often in Florida and other locations in the Southeast.

Contact Desmond Butts by phone at (907) 841-2409 or by email at


Dayton A. Dabbs CFI & DPE -- Texas-based Travelling Gyroplane Instructor & DPE

Dayton A. Dabbs is a gyroplane CFI and DPE based near Austin, Texas. He instructs in Texas and will also travel for reasonable compensation for both gyroplane CFI and DPE services.

Contact Dayton Dabbs by phone at (512) 750-0332 or by email at


Dofin Frittz -- Brewton Municipal Airport (12J) Pensacola, FL

Dofin Frittz offers gyroplane instruction in an RAF2000 gyroplane or the student's aircraft.

Contact Dofin Frittz by phone at (850) 587-2504 or by email at