Gyroplane Reflecting in Puddle

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About Peach State Rotorcraft

Peach State Rotorcraft meets once a quarter on the first Saturday in March, June, September and December of each year in hangar H5 at the Polk County Airport- Cornelius Moore Field (4A4) in Cedartown, Georgia. The airport address is 500 Airport Loop, Cedartown, Georgia 30125 and directions are available here.

Meetings are generally agenda-free. People begin showing up at 8:30AM (Eastern Time Zone) with flying beginning as early as practical. We typically fly, or watch others fly and catch up with one another or spend time with guests or new members until just before lunchtime when we adjourn to an eatery in town. After lunch, some drive home, some stay and fly more. Still others fly back to their home field or airport. We meet on our appointed quarterly date rain or shine. Certainly, when weather is inclement, few are inclined to tow their gyroplanes in just for show and flying from off-field is unlikely. There are still things to plan and discuss, despite weather.

Some of us also gather at the hanger most Saturday mornings, meeting or not, for the purpose of building, maintaining or just flying gyroplanes. There will generally be a notice on the home page if more than a few plan to be there, and guests are always welcome. If you need confirmation that there will be people to speak with and gyroplanes to see on a given Saturday, prior to making a long trip, feel free to request more information on the Contact page.