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You may now make payments (except hangar payments) directly to Peach State Rotorcraft using PayPal (and credit cards) using this button:

PayPal Button

Make sure to add a description to the payment so that we know why it is you are sending the money!



Ron Iaconis

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Please check your payment method and see if Paypal debited your card.  Another way to check is Paypal always sends out a transaction notice to your email.  I don't have record of your transaction in the account, so it may not have accepted your payment, as it takes a couple days for these Paypal accounts to synch up after being set up, so it may not have been able to process your early payment.  I'll look for your payment! 




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Guys n gals:  When using Paypal, PLEASE be sure to do your transaction as "FAMILY & FRIENDS", not as a guaranteed business transaction with refund capability.  Each transaction done as a business payment costs quite a bit, and adds up at the end of the year to a substantial chunk of $$$.  Our budget is about $1000, and a 3% plus $0.30 transaction fee will add up to the cost of two premium T-shirts, or two membership dues. 

Thank you for using PAYPAL, this makes our business much easier to track, receive payments, and disburse funds for services and goods we require for operations. 

Treasurer Gerg


Pay Pal may not have acepted my payment?

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I will wait for about 2 weeks to make sure it did or did not go through, then I will re submit and make sure it goes under family and friends,,,,,,,,

Ron Iaconis