DANG ! ! ! ! !

Don't know how to describe it and you probably wouldn't understand anyway if you haven't been there. Trell and I met at the airport about 6:00 PM on Sunday evening for a little late evening flying and what a BLAST !   Not a meatbomb in sight. We took off about 7pm and flew south by the landfill, the plant nursery, a beautiful horse farm and up Morgan Valley past the rodeo arena and lots of awesome scenery. The density altitude was pretty high but both gyros climbed very well and the temps (while flying) were very comfortable. Not a breeze stirring. By the time we got back to the airport we had about a 50 min. flight. I am still grinning and Trell, well you know Trell, he is somewhere hollering Yeee Haaaa !  We relived the flight for a few minutes then I fueled up again and did about 20 min. touch and go, steep turning descents, vertical descents and tight 360;s. I really like those Skywheels. Got a little fine tuning to do to them to get rid of a little stick shake but they sure are fun ! We left the airport a little after 9pm.  Man, wish I had time to do it again TODAY !