Wrens Fly-In 2015 -- Wow!

Wrens Fly-In 2015

Yep, Wow!  This year's fly-in at Wrens, Georgia was the best in years. Fun and safety joined hands with a load of gyroplanes and participants from across the Southeast and even a machine flown in from Connecticut.  I counted at least 6 machines that flew in over 100 miles. Of those 6, at least half flew many times that number of miles.

Hats off to John Magnan for his setup and management of the event and Mark Linn for the marketing that brought all the people. Everyone who came to the event left with a very positive impression of gyroplanes and gyroplane pilots.The variety of machines was excellent. The ability to get rides or instruction was sufficient enough that virtually anyone wanting either did not go away disappointed.



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