Weekend's At the Cedartown Hangar

If you missed this weekend at the Cedartown Hangar, you missed this fine group of gyronauts lunching at Home Town Pizza in Rockmart.  You also missed notable visits from Ron Iaconis, John Morgan and some others not in the picture who either left before lunch or arrived afterward.  Bob even showed up with his Zodiac and a guest.

It was a great day.  Good, cool flying weather.  Mark got some runway time in with his Jake-built gyro.  Tom continued to tear up the air with his Air Command, Mac got his VW engine all tuned up and ready to fly his Bensen, Mac's wife got a ride in the White Tango 2, the new single place Tango got some air time and hangar flying was rampant.

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Rockmart Luncheon

Ronald Iaconis's picture

Wow,,,,,,I had Grandchildren at my home so had to get my but back home to save face as they say!!!!!

Sorry to miss the great get together at lunch.


PS..............Man oh Man, how I realize now how much I have missed congregating with gyronaughts,,,,,,,,,


Tom Duncan's picture

I will be at the hanger tomorrow morning and hope to get some flying in by mid-afternoon and I may be out there Wednesday afternoon.