St Patrick's Day Fly-in Dublin, GA (KDBN)

St. Patrick's Day Hat

Mark your calendars! EAA Chapter 1195 is sponsoring the 1st Annual St Patrick’s Day FlyIn March 20-22, 2015 at Bud Barron Airport KDBN in Dublin, GA. ( I have been asked by the chapter and by the airport manager to give a special invite my gyro friends as they would really like to know more about gyros. This is the first year for this flyin and the club and airport manager are eager to make this a unique event. This is an excellent opportunity to get another gyro dominated flyin started close by to many of us. The airport manager is especially excited about some gyros attending.

There will be primitive camping sites available for tents and RVs, hangars to park your gyros overnight, and hangars to spread your bed roles out in. Terminal has bathrooms and showers. Lots of farm fields to fly over and it should be a good time for all. If it looks like we will have a good turnout, I will work on something for Friday and Saturday night's entertainment. Saturday, March 21 will be the main day with the club serving a free pancake breakfast/brunch. On saturday, there will also be shuttles available to take you into town to participate in the local St Patrick’s Day festivities. Activities include huge crafts fair, Parade, an awesome car show and many other things if you want to explore the area away from the airport.

How many of your other friends can say they will celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin? Not a big benefit to most of us, but 100LL will be discounted by $.25 a gallon and there is going to be a free door prize of $100.00 worth of 100LL given away. So, for those of you who may fly your fixed wing in there is a benefit.

Please let me know if you think you might attend.



Hope to see some of you guys

Hope to see some of you guys here in Dublin!  This really has the potential to be a very gyro friendly flyin.  Airport manager is real excited about some gyros flying here.  they do St Patrick's day in a big way in Dublin so the perfect opportunity to brings the wives and kids to enjoy those activities. 

I am hoping to make the trip

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I am hoping to make the trip in the the Wicked, weather permitting of course.  I installed a taller windshield last Monday, since flying to AOPA at St. Simon's this past fall proved to be way too chilly for me coming home late in the day, and I've gotten caught in more than a few raindrops in the past that I just don't like in my face at 45mph, let alone 80 when I'm trying to boogie back in a hurry.   I took the windshield off the CLT Air Command.  It doesn't look as sexy as the little smoked-plexi I had on the Wicked, but it sure is COMFY!  I love it.  I don't even need goggles, but I'll still wear 'em for insurance just in case.  Can't count the number of times I took off and was flying around for several minutes before realizing I hadn't put on eye protection, with this windshield, in the past.  VERY effective!