Members May Change Their User Names

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Some Members may not want their Username to be their Real Name.  Members may edit their profiles and include/exclude their contact information, including changing their real name for a pseudoname Username. 

The email must be accurate and a valid email, but otherwise, it isn't critical.  Since only members can see the Members List and Roles List, including your proper first and last name shouldn't bother most of you.  It could get really confusing if everyone changed their Username to "GyroGuy." 

The site requires the email address and a Username.  You may use either in the login process.  It really doesn't matter if the rest is blank, but it has been very helpful in the past for members to have names and numbers when trying to contact nearby gyronauts.

To change your profile information:

1.  Login

2.  Click on your name (upper left on the Home page).

3.  Click the Edit tab.

4.  Remember to hit SAVE at the bottom of the page.