Bensen Days after thoughts

It is my pleasure to write this post here.

I don't know how to properly phrase my appreciation for the club and its members who came to Bensen Days 2015 and worked so hard to pull the otherwise little unorganized event together.

John and Mark you guys are golden!!!! I mean it in the truest meaning of the word. With all the volunteering and the smooth operations of the tasks I can only tip my hat and next time I'll kiss ya on the lips.....ok maybe not.....anyways........THANK YOU!!!!!

Gerald is probably the most betestest videographer who can record with a camera and a phone walking backwards and chewing gum at the same time. What a talent????!!! He has provided more positive footage to the event in the last few years than all the other together in 42 years! Sir you are a genius.

Jon I appreciate you coming down but mostly for holding the club together and making it to be an inviting place for people and making things happen. I also appreciate your work you do for Sunstate with our website and Bensen Days website. You are the MAN! I mean it!!!!!

Greg, Louis and Kurt it was really a pleasure to see you guys again and we appreciate you all making the pilgrimage. I know it is a hassle. I know at times the damn road is too long to drive. I do appreciate you all being part of what makes Bensen Days what it is!

Scotty and Phil. You guys are soooooo much part of the event! Who'd smoke the damn airfield if you guys didn't show? We didn't have a cookout because we were already BBQ-s by that fantastic smoker of yours :) Thanks for the great flying and the show you put on year after year Scotty. And Phil you have done it again. We sold out the shirts in record time plus last year's shirts too!!!! Thank you for helping us year after year with them. You guys ROCK!!!

So now that I have stepped down I just wanted to mention how much I appreciated the true help from my friend at Peach State. You guys made a lot of things happen. A lot! I owe you big. Thank you for being there when we needed you. That is a very noble act and shows character. Love yas all.

ps:Gary you suck! LOL.. Love ya too brother just messing with make it soooooo easy for me :) Missed ya!


2017 Bensen Days

Tom Duncan's picture

I enjoyed flying for over 7 hours during Bensen Days.

I enjoyed visiting with friends and fellow pilots.

I enjoyed promoting the sport and the Tangogyro.

I did not enjoy sharing the pattern with many of the other pilots and even CFIs that blatantly ignored the pilot briefing.

I was cut off multiple times during my base and or final leg.

I don't plan to attend the event next year and depending on what I will be doing during retirement, may not attend another Bensen Days, if safety is not going to be a priority by the hosts.